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Crafted and designed in nz

Sterling silver French hooks

gorgeous RAW brass recycled from scrap, and therefore sustainable.

Our brass is sealed with a protective coating

Brass may also corrode in the presence of chlorides (abundant in nature and generally not harmful to humans), traces of ammonia in the atmosphere, and acetates - generally worth staying away from anyway. Don't wear brass jewellery to do your cleaning without wearing gloves.. this corrosion gives your brass a rich wonderful patina only adding to its beauty

Return brass, back to its original state, Apply a paste of tomato sauce, leave a few minutes, or longer if you want it really bright, then rinse and dry.

You can also create patinas on brass jewellery using household items like vinegar, salt and ammonia – even salt-and-vinegar potato chips creating a lovely green patina 🙂

CHEMISTRY earrings crescent circle

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